A different imagining of the Basque Country in the post-Franco period, at the Manuel Irujo Chair

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


The program of the Manuel Irujo Chair of the University of Liverpool will host tomorrow, February 16, a lecture by the Professor of London King´s College Nagore Calvo.

The program of the Manuel Irujo Chair of the University of Liverpool will host tomorrow, February 16, a lecture by the Professor of London King´s College Nagore Calvo.

Under the title ‘Deciphering the Basque city: different imagining of the Basque Country in the post-Franco period’, she will talk on the other Basque image those years. Although at that time the image of the Basque Country was associated with violence, the Basque Government under the leadership of the nationalist Christian Democratic Party, used the metaphor of the Basque city as a focal point for encouraging economic growth, increasing local competitiveness and developing a new imaginings for the Basque nation and identity.

Nagore Calvo Mendizabal´s research interests are in the themes of political economy, state theory, nationalism, geography studies and historical sociology. She obtained a BA in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain, in the year 1999, after which she took postgraduate courses on political economy and sociology at University of Lancaster. She then completed her PhD in Sociology at University of Lancaster, where she was also employed as a teaching tutor. She joined King’s College London in 2009 as a Teaching Fellow, and then she was employed as a Lecturer in 2010.

The Manuel Irujo Fellowship Chair, part of the Department of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies at the University of Liverpool started on 2014-2015 academic year and will be realized annually. The visiting professor teaches a four-month course on the History and Politics of the Basque Country in general, and on Basque exile in particular, thereby promoting study and research of this topic.

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