Amale Artetxe Chair: Laura Pego

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Amale Artetxe Chair: Laura Pego
  • 06
    Nov 2023
    Nov 2023
    Buenos Aires

As part of the 2023 programme of the Amale Artetxe Chair, promoted by the Etxepare Basque Institute and IMHICIHU-CONICET (REVA, Network of Basque Studies in Argentina), professor and researcher Laura Pego will be teaching and lecturing in Argentina from 6 to 14 November. Additionally, she will be participating in research meetings at the José C. Paz National University and at the National Penitentiary Procurator´s Office.

6 – 10 November:

She will participate in the National Sociology Conference with a talk on justice for state crimes perpetrated in Argentina and around the world. Sociological approaches and dialogues with the legal world.

Venue:  Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires

8 – 10 November:

Special seminar on protecting human rights.

Venue: Doctorate in Human Rights at the National University of Lanús.

14 November

Discussion open to the public on Franco´s repression of Basque women. The situation of women prisoners in the Saturraran prison during the Civil War and the First Post-war period.

Host: Sara Pagola (Basque Government Delegate in Argentina)

Venue: Library of the Library of the Congress of Argentina.

Honouring Amale Artetxe´s contribution to the Basque diaspora in Argentina, this Chair analyses Basque culture from the perspective of the humanities, with an emphasis on equality. Every year a guest lecturer teaches a PhD course and delivers several lectures.

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