Ángel Erro to attend several literature events in Germany

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Basque poet, columnist and translator Angel Erro will be participating in several events organised by readerships in Berlin and Leipzig from October 16 to 20. Today he is offering a poetry reading at the Clash Hall, Berlin; and from October 18 to 20, he will attend the 3rd Translation Workshop in Weiden with several other authors.

Basque poet, columnist and translator Angel Erro will be participating in several events organised by readerships in Berlin and Leipzig from October 16 to 20Today he is offering a poetry reading at the Clash Hall, Berlin; and from October 18 to 20, he will attend the 3rd Translation Workshop in Weiden with several other authors.

Today, Wednesday, October 16, Erro is performing a poetry reading entitled “Olerkari susmagarriak (Kriminologia poetikoa)” – Suspicious poets (Poetic criminology) – at the famous Clash Hall, Berlin. The event has been organised by the Berlin Euskal Etxea in conjunction with the readership of the Freie University. According to the abstract “Poetry has died. It died in the Basque Country. It wasn’t a natural death; it was murder. Three poets are suspected of committing the crime. We will analyse their trajectories, alibis and motives, and decide on their innocence or guilt.” Click on the event link here.

Erro will also attend the third edition of the Translation Workshop in Weiden from October 18 to 20. This event is organised by the IALT Department of Leipzig University, the Catalan Institut Ramon Llull – María Villangómez, and the Etxepare Basque Institute. During the three-day event, poems by Erro and Galician poet Lucia Aldao will be translated into German, Catalan, Italian, Galego and Basque. Other featured participants include Carsten Sinner, Marcello Giugliano, Eduard Bartoll, Constanze Gräsche, Sara López Ratón and Unai Lauzirika.

The aim of the three-day working event is to provide a showcase for Basque, Catalan and Galician poetry and to consolidate the event as an ongoing workshop dedicated to translating works into other languages and to publishing short anthologies in the (Q)adernos de Weiden journal and other foreign magazines. Erro and Ricardo Arregi have both participated in the event on previous occasions.

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