Basque cinema in Edimburgh: 80 egunean and Loreak

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


Basque films 80 egunean and Loreak (Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goenaga)and the short fil ´Samina´ will be screened this week at the Filmhouse cinemas and at the University of Edinburgh, as the Spanish Film Festival of Edinburgh has included them in its program,  creating a window dedicated to Basque cinema. The festival will celebrate its second edition on October 2-10.

This year, the festival has created a window dedicated to Basque cinema, programming the two previously mentioned films, and director Jose Mari Goenaga will attend the festival to present their work, as well as other directors and writers of reputation like Tania Balló, Alfonso Zarauza, Luis Ordoñez or Elvira Lindo. All Basque films-Samina, 80 egunean and Loreak- will be screened on October 3 and 80 egunean will repeat on October 5. Galician cinema will also be at the festival with the screening Os Fenómenos (Alfonso Zarauza).

One of the objectives of the festival is to create a platform within the film industry that will bring together expertise and shared tools for professionals from several countries.

A varied program completes the festival - which is supported by the University of Edinburgh, the Spanish Consulate, AECID, ICAA and Scotland organization - including a day dedicated to gastronomy, events, seminars, round tables, performances and an educational program aimed at young people. A total of 11 films, five documentaries and five short films will take part at the festival, including premieres in Scotland as Las Sinsombrero (Tánia Balló), Magical Girls (Carlos Vermut) or Ocho apellidos vascos (Emilio Martínez-Lázaro), among others.

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