Basque plays, ready for theatres in France

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


Within the programme of the International Theatre Fair of Donostia DFERIA, four Basque plays have been shown with surtitles in French and English, giving international programmers the opportunity to see the plays in their original version.

The translated works were the following: "Musu bat-Un beso" (Tanttaka Teatroa); "Oskara" (Kukai Dantza Konpainia); "Zergaitik Jamil - Why Jamil? (Tartean Teatroa) and "Jokoz kanpo-Fuera de Juego" (Borobil Teatroa).

Thanks to the collaboration set up in 2015 between DFeria and Etxepare, which now has the backing of the programme, four plays will be translated into French and English every year to be presented to international programmers at DFeria, opening up the possibility that they can be programmed in their original version in theatres in Aquitaine and the rest of France and Europe.

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