City University of New York: Bernardo Atxaga Chair 2021

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City University of New York: Bernardo Atxaga Chair 2021
  • 25
    Oct 2021
    Oct 2021
    New York

Iratxe Fresneda will analyse Basque cinema at the City University of New York in a series of seminars organised by the Bernardo Atxaga Chair between 25 and 29 October. The seminars will begin at 11am New York time (GMT-4), under the title ‘Intersectionality and small cinemas—Audiovisual stories and models: Peripheries at the center’.

This course sets out to analyse film and television material created and produced from the peripheries of fiction. Euskadi and the Nordic countries are two good examples to understand how small cinemas can generate other points of view that can reach a universal audience. Through a multidisciplinary approach and case studies, the seminars will reflect on the role of audiovisual texts in the construction of identities and perceptions. Fresneda will also offer tools for the analysis and critical reading of audiovisual material, essential when constructing audiovisual narratives of all kinds from an inclusive perspective.

On the other hand, he will give an open conference on October 29, online: ´Travel and audiovisual records: The search for the northern light in Lurralde Hotzak (Cold Lands)´ will take place at 2:00 p.m. in New York. To participate write

The primary purpose of this chair is to promote research and study of Basque language and literature. It was in 2011 that the author Bernardo Atxaga himself inaugurated the chair at the City University of New York´s Graduate Center. The Bernardo Atxaga Chair offers an academic doctoral programme on Basque culture taught each year by distinguished visiting professors.

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