Fest´arts 2022: Larrua Proyecto, Zirkozaurre and Batcharte Dantza

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Fest´arts 2022: Larrua Proyecto, Zirkozaurre and Batcharte Dantza
  • 04
    Aug 2022
    Aug 2022

As in previous years, three Basque companies will take part in the Fest´Arts street arts festival in Libourne, France. The event runs from August 4th to 6th and Larrua Proyecto, Zirkozaurre and Batcharte Dantza will be there. This year marks the 31st edition of the festival. The Etxepare Basque Institute has been collaborating with Fest´Arts since 2012 in an effort to promote Basque street theatre internationally.

Batcharte Dantza will perform ´Xilko´ on August 4th and 5th at 2:30pm and on August 6th at 2pm. All three shows will take place on D´oyen Carbonnier square.  Proyecto Larrua will be in Libourne with their show ´Muda´ on August 4th at 2pm and on August 5th at both 2pm and 4:15pm. All the shows will take place in front of the church of Saint Jean.

Zirkozaurre will perform their show ´Kobr3´ on August 4th, 5th and 6th at 5:00pm, 5:30pm and 5:00pm, respectively. All shows will take place in the courtyard of the Lycée Montesquieu..

Since 2012, the Etxepare Basque has been collaborating with the Fest ´Arts to bring Basque street theatre to the international stage. Collaboration between the institute and the festival is part of the Aquitaine.eus project, which aims to build a bridge between the two regions. Aquitaine.eus, a joint initiative launched in 2016 by the Basque Government and the Aquitaine-Euskadi Euroregion, is made up of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, the Etxepare Basque Institute and Euskal Kultur Erakundea.

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