Festival du Cinéma Espagnol de Nantes 2021: Fenêtre Basque

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Festival du Cinéma Espagnol de Nantes 2021: Fenêtre Basque
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    Mar 2021
    Apr 2021

Fenêtre Basque, one of the world’s largest showcases of Basque cinema, is now in its 20th year. As part of the ‘Festival du Cinéma Espagnol Nantes’, this section brings together the most outstanding Basque productions and films by the most celebrated Basque filmmakers.

The Nantes festival will feature 13 Basque films – seven festure films and six shorts.

Festure films:

  • Zumiriki (2019) by Oskar Alegria
  • Arzak Since 1897 (2020) by Asier Altuna
  • Hil kanpaiak (2020) by Imanol Rayo
  • Nora (2020) by Lara Izagirre
  • Urtzen (2020) by Telmo Esnal
  • Baby (2020) by Juanma Bajo Ulloa (official selection)
  • Ane (2020) by David Perez Sañudo (official selection)

Short films included in the Kimuak catalogue

  • Barbudos (2020) by Tucker Dávila Wood and Larry Mankuso
  • Quebrantos (2020) by María Elorza and Koldo Almandoz
  • Dar-Dar (2020) by Paul Urkijo
  • Ehiza (2020) by Huazkena Taldea
  • El ruido solar (2020) by Pablo Hernando
  • Ya no duermo (2020) by Marina Palacio

Although the films in this year´s event will be made available on the FestivalScope online festival platform, in-person events will take place from 21 to 23 May, 11 to 13 June, and 19–20 June. In-person events will be held at three theatres: Katorza, Les Cinématographe and Graslin.

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