Gutun Zuria Bilbao: Itzultzaile Berriak

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.

  • 02
    Apr 2022

Gutun Zuria, the international literature festival in Bilbao, will host the event ‘Itzultzaile Berriak: mugarik gabeko literatura´ (´New Translators: literature without borders´). The event will take place on 2 April at 12:00 noon in Azkuna Zentroa. The ´Itzultzaile Berriak´ project, promoted by the Etxepare Basque Institute, aims to teach the Basque language to translators from other countries and build bridges between international and local translators.

Translating literature requires both linguistic and cultural sensitivity. Beyond  linguistic equivalences, it calls for nuance, register and cultural connotation in both languages. How do new translators deal with this essential process of immersion?

New translators (Yannick Bédard and Michel Usereau) and original authors (Uxue Alberdi and Garazi Arrula) will share their experience questions, challenges and thoughts on the translation process in a colloquium led by Aiora Jaka.

Inspired by ´Itzuliz usu begiak´, an essay by Basque writer Anjel Lertxundi, this year’s Gutun Zuria focuses on a world in constant translation: of experiences, cultures, artistic territories, genres, languages, identities and bodies. It therefore looks at translation not only as a literary phenomenon, but also as a way of changing the world. The festival will run from 28 March to 2 April at the Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao

The festival features over thirty activities that open up debate and thought on the written word from perspectives such as philosophy and history, and questions such as the links between cultures and sensibilities; the role of mother tongues; the relationship between translation and writing; the limits of literary genres; the bridges between the shores of the Atlantic; and the role of translators.

Santiago Auserón, Cristina Morales, Uxue Alberdi, Gabriela Wiener, Iván de la Nuez, Theodor Kallifatides, Bashkim Shehu, Jhumpa Lahiri, Miren Agur Meabe, Edurne Portela, Kirmen Uribe, Unai Elorriaga, Xuan Bello and Sara Mesa will take part in the festival.

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