Juan Aizpitarte in Senegal and Ixone Ormaetxea in Burkina Faso, developing projects in the Share Concept network

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


The Share Concept network wants to pursue artistic interventions in African countries and now two Basque artists will each undertake projects in Africa. Juan Aizpitarte has been in Senegal in January and Ixone Ormaetxea will be in Burkina Faso from 23 January to 2 February. The two artists are preparing a project in the area of fine arts, the result of an agreement signed in 2020 by the Etxepare Basque Institute and Zavod Exodos, an organisation based in Slovenia.

The project was supposed to be carried out in 2020 but due to delays caused by the pandemic, Aizpitarte and Ormaetxea will be launching the project in January 2022. Juan Azpitarte´s project, called ´Art and tourism observatory´, is about a tourist offer linked to culture. The first phase, preparation and research, has just been completed in Senegal. The second phase will include a workshop, a presentation of the project and an exhibition.

Ixone Ormaetxea´s project, ´Many Melo´ (Many Colours), is in the preparation and research phase, which will last until 2 February. Ormaetxea will also give a workshop at Le Centre de Formation Professionnelle in Ouakam, Senegal. The objectives are to stimulate creativity, learn traditional textile skills and designs, discover new designs and working methods, and learn about product presentation.

Una iniciativa de expertos culturales

Share is a multi-year project (2020-2024) focusing on education and creativity in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It is an initiative of producers, artists and cultural experts who believe that arts and creativity can build better communities and reinvent them for a better society.

Share is an international project that connects two continents, nine countries (Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, France, and Palestine) and eleven cities. The project is designed to focus on improving the skills of technicians, producers, young artists, communities and special groups (children, youth, people with disabilities, deprived of liberty, etc.). The people involved in the project believe that art can be a tool to spread perspective and knowledge.

Activities will be carried out in Senegal and Burkina Faso to promote skills among special groups (women, prisoners, youth, artists), technicians, producers and policy makers, honing tools, and helping to develop perspectives for meaningful cultural action.

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