"Lasa eta Zabala" and "Loreak" will be screened for the first time in Berlin at the Film Festival of the Euskal Etxea

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On Thursday, the third edition of the Berlin Basque Cinema Week organized by the Euskal Etxea Gernika Deutsch-Baskischer Kulturverein will start. For four days, five films shot in the Basque Country will be screened: Lasa eta Zabala, Amaren Eskuak, Echeverriatik Etxeb erriara, Ateak zabalduz and -to close the festival- Loreak, pre-nominated for Oscars . Also during this month the Euskal Etxea of berlin will offer other activities such as lectures, screenings, meetings with writers and recitals.

From Thursday to Sunday Berlin will become for a few days in the capital of the Basque cinema, thanks to the third edition of the festival organized by the Euskal Etxea Gernika Deutsch-Baskischer Kulturverein. As in previous years, the screenings will take place in the cinema Kino Moviemento, the oldest venue in the city.

To open the cycle, on Thursday November 5, filmmaker Pablo Malo will present his film Lasa eta Zabala. On Friday November 6, the writer Karmele Jaio will show “Amaren Eskuak the film based on her novel and directed in 2013 by Mireia Gabilondo.

On Saturday, November 7, will be the day of the documentary Echevarriatik Etxeberriara. Its director, Ander Iriarte, will be in Berlin to present the work. And finally, on Sunday November 8 two films will be screened. The first one is Ateak zabalduz, a documentary directed by Juamni Gutierrez . And to put an end to the Festival, they will screen Loreak, the first film in Basque to be a candidate for the Oscars.

The Festival also includes some other activities. On Friday, November 6, the writer Karmele Jaio will offer a reading and a talk. Furthermore, on 17 November, the historian Ludger Mees will present the documentary A swastika on the Bidasoa.

Finally, on November 27, writers and Danele Sarriugarte and Irati Elorrieta will offer a lecture in which they will discuss about their work and the city of Berlin.


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