Literaktum: itzultzaile ibiltariak

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Literaktum: itzultzaile ibiltariak
  • 18
    Nov 2022
    San Sebastian

The San Sebastian Film Festival celebrated its 70th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion, Literaktum, the San Sebastian literature festival, will focus its 2022 edition on literature and film.

This year’s festival will bring together writers, screenwriters, directors and film directors including Eduardo Mendoza, Lorenzo Silva, Abdellah Taia, Miren Gorrotxategi and Jon Arretxe, among others. Beyond literature and film, Héctor Abad, Isaac Rosa, María Oruña, and Iban Zaldua will talk about their new books.

Translation will also have its place at the festival with ´Itzultzaile ibiltariak´ (´Itinerant translators´); a round table discussion and poetry reading set to music on 18 November at 7:00pm at the Okendo Cultural Centre.

Translators Itxaro Borda, Ainara Maya and Leire Martinez de Marigorta will join writers Mireia Callafell and Miren Agur Meabe to address the importance of translation without an intermediate language and the relationship between translators and writers. The discussion will be moderated by Aiora Jaka. All three translators took part in a poetry translation residency, as part of a programme organized by the Etxepare Basque Institute in conjunction with Institut Ramon Llull and Consello da Cultura Galega. The residency provided a space for inspiration where the translators were able to work and share their ideas, while in direct contact with the poets they were translating. On 18 November, the public will be able to hear the original poems and their translations in the voice of their characters, writers and translators, with musical accompaniment by Alex Haro.

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