Literaldia: Basque Literature

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Literaldia: Basque Literature
  • 13
    Apr 2023
    May 2023

The Literaldia festival will take place in Barcelona from 13 April to 5 May 2023. Through a series of events, a dedicated space at the festival will showcase contemporary Basque literature. The Barcelona-based Euskal Etxea (Basque cultural centre) has joined forces with the official language school in Barcelona (Escola Oficial d´Idiomes de Drassanes), two Barcelona-based universities, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Universitat de Barcelona, and the Etxepare Basque Institute to organise this event. The aim is to promote Basque literature by presenting different works in cultural centres and creating synergies with the Catalan literature. A rich and varied programme has been designed, featuring poetry readings, guided readings, meetings with authors and workshops.

Thursday, 13 April:

- 1:00 pm, UAB Teatro Sala: Literary and musical colloquium with Anari, ‘From Song to Literature’ (in Basque, Catalan and Spanish).

- 6:00 pm, Agustí Centelles Library: Literary and musical colloquium with Anari, ‘From Song to Literature’ (in Basque, Catalan and Spanish).

Wednesday, 19 April:

- 6:30 pm, activities room at the Rosa Sensat Official Language School: lecture by Blanca Urgell ‘Influence of the Basque language on Catalan toponymy´ (in Basque).

Monday, 24 April:

- 1:00 pm, UAB Cinema room: Discussion with Mari Luz Esteban and Mireia Sallarès: ‘Feminist Perspectives´ (in Spanish).

- 7:00 pm, Agustí Centelles Library, special programme with Mari Luz Esteban: ‘Basque Literature Club’ (in Basque and Spanish).

Wednesday, 26 April:

- 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, UAB Faculty of Philology and Communication. Full day programme on literature and armed conflict: ´Literatura y conflicto armado´ (in Spanish and Catalan).

Friday, 5 May:

- 7:00 pm, Barcelona Euskal Etxea: poetic, visual and gastronomic recital by Lluïsa Etxeberria (in Basque and Catalan).

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