The Basque writer Danele Sarriugarte has been selected for a literary creation residency in A Coruña

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


The creative literary stay organized by Etxepare Euskal Institutua, in collaboration with the Literary Residence 1863, will be carried out by Danele Sarriugarte in November 2023 in A Coruña.

The Evaluation Commision of Etxepare Euskal Institutua and the Literary Residence 1863 have valued the interes, quality and viability of the literary project, the excellence of the selected person´s career record and the suitability of the letter of motivation for the selection.

Sarriugarte will have the opportunity to develop her creative project during her one-month-long stay in the Literary Residence 1863. The objective of this stay is to promote the literary creation in Basque and in good conditions, and at the same time immersed in a context with a rich cultural life like the one in A Coruña.

Danele Sarriugarte Mochales (Elgoibar, 1989) is a writer and translator. Her works are mainly in Basque. She has published two novels – Erraiak (2014) and Azala erre (2018) – and some short stories, she has translated works from Angela Davis, Eva Illouz and Henry David Thoreau, among others. She is a collaborator in different Basque media, such as Berria, Argia and Pikara Magazine. She lives in Donostia and she takes part in the transfeminist queer movement of the Basque Country.


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