Short films selected for the Kimuak 2019 catalogue

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The Kimuak programme, promoted by the Basque Department of Culture with support from the Etxepare Basque Institute and the Basque Film Archive, has already chosen the seven short films that will be part of the catalogue in its 22nd edition.

The Kimuak programme, promoted by the Basque Department of Culture with support from the Etxepare Basque Institute and the Basque Film Archive, has already chosen the seven short films that will be part of the catalogue in its 22nd edition.

These are the selected works: Artiko by Josu Venero and Jesus Mari Lazkano; El Infierno by Raúl de la Fuente; Labo by Jesús María Palacios; Leyenda Dorada by Ion de Sosa and Chema García Ibarra; Lursaguak (escenas de vida) by Izibene Oñederra; Mateoren Ama by Aitor Arregi and Jose Mari Goenaga; and Medvedek by Ainhoa Gutiérrez del Pozo.

This year’s catalogue brings together works of fiction, science fiction, animation and documentary. On a linguistic level, two of the short films were shot entirely in Basque, one in Basque and Spanish, two in Spanish, one in English, and one with no dialogue.

The jury in charge of selecting the films for this year’s catalogue comprised five experts from the cultural and audio-visual field. They selected the seven short films from among the 65 sent to Kimuak from the 2019 call for proposals.

The aim of the Kimuak programme is to promote and distribute Basque short films. From today on, the selected works will be sent to the most important film festivals, institutions and audio-visual events worldwide. The trailers and information of the selected works from this year’s catalogue will be available soon on their website.

Artiko - Trailer

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