Suns Europe 2023: Patxi Zubizarreta + Ødei

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.

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    Oct 2023
    Oct 2023

The Suns Europe festival will be held in Udine, Italy, from 6 to 14 October 2023, with support from the Etxepare Basque Institute. Suns Europe is a music and performing arts festival focusing on minority languages. The event is a chance for all European communities to become aware of their linguistic rights and the importance of cultural diversity as a heritage, a right and an opportunity.

The Etxepare Basque Institute and Suns Europe collaborate to promote the presence of Basque creators at the festival.

Those are the Basque artists performing in the festival:

Book presentation: ‘Sakonean, sailing around the 20th Century in Basque Country’, Patxi Zubizarreta

2023.10.13 / 18:00 / Tarantola Bookshop, Udine

There are texts, such as «Vasconia» by Federico Krutwig, or productions, such as those by label Herri Gogoa, that effected deep change in Basque society during the second half of the 20th Century. Who made them possible? «Sakonean, itsasoa ikusten da. Miangolarratarren uberan» (Txalaparta, 2023) – On the bottom you see the sea. Following the tracks of the Miangolarras – salvages from the sea of forgotten past the adventures of the Miangolarra Gorostiana family, straddling the Basque Country, Venezuela and France. It’s a biography, narrated in sophisticated prose by Patxi Zubizarreta. It’s a window opened onto Basque history throughout the Twentieth Century, from the Spanish Civil War to the anti-Francoist resistance. It’s a testimony of political and cultural commitment, a story of exile, dignity and redemption.

Concert: Ødei

2023.10.14 / 21:00 / Giovanni da Udin City Theatre, Udine

Ødei (Odei Barroso) is a bertsolari and rapper. After recording three albums with 2zio and dissolving the group, Ødei embarked on a solo career. His latest album, ´Terapia´ (2022), is nothing like his previous work. A new sound aesthetic is featured in his latest album, a combination of trap and drill. He has transitioned from solely being a rapper to taking on the role of a producer, now producing under the name Alkimia Prod, alongside Jo Olaskuaga.


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