Suns Europe: La Basu

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Suns Europe: La Basu
  • 30
    Aug 2020
    Sep 2020

This festival and competition, which aims to showcase music and performing arts in European minority languages, will organize a special outdoor event on August 30. The Basque rapper La Basu, among other artists, will be present at the event held at the Castle of Udine (Friuli).

Amid this year´s difficult panorama, Suns Europe surprised everyone by announcing earlier this week on its Facebook page that the 2020 edition would be coming soon. Usually held in late autumn, the event will at the end of summer this year, featuring several music concerts in minority languages. The location of the open-air stage is the second major difference this year and, of course, ensuring full compliance with the safety measures against COVID-19. Basque rap singer La Basu will be the star of Basque music this time around.

In addition to the event on August 30, the festival will also organize other concerts later on. The Basque musician Paxkal Irigoyen will give two concerts on September 12 and 13 in vicinity of Udine.

The word "suns" means "sounds" in Friulian. Suns Europe began in 2009 as a meeting between minority communities in the Mediterranean Alps, but since 2015 has been as we know it today: a musical festival and competition that allows the exchange of performing arts between different European minority cultures. Basque groups and artists have joined the event since 2016 with support from the Etxepare Basque Institute.

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