Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo: Lumi

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Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo: Lumi
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    Feb 2022
    Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo: Lumi

The French Basque electronic pop duo Lumi will be in concert in Bogotá’s Teatro Mayor Julio Mario de Santo Domingo on the 19th of this month at 8pm. The musicians will spearhead a new ‘window on Basque culture’ at the theatre in the Colombian capital. Other Basque music, dance and theatre groups will follow suit throughout the year at the same venue.

Nahia Zubeldia and Manu Matthys joined forces in 2014 to create a combination of folk and electronic music. Lumi brings together two worlds: the voice of Nahia Zubeldia (Unama, Samatsa), and the electronics of Manu Matthys (Odei, Matthys). All their songs are original and written in Basque. In 2016 they released their first extended play record, called ´EP´, and in 2019, their first album, ´Itzal Zikinak´, both on Moï Moï records. They are now working on their second album, ´Bezperen dirdira´, on Usopop records, set for release in spring 2022.

Thanks to an agreement signed with Colombia’s Teatro Mayor, this Basque window will host music, theatre and dance, with works by Amaia Elizaran, Sigma Project, and the show ´Altsasu´ by La Dramática Errante.

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