Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo: Amaia Elizaran

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Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo: Amaia Elizaran
  • 29
    Jul 2022

´Mar´ by Basque dancer and choreographer Amaia Elizarán will be performed at Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo in Bogotá, Colombia, at 8pm on July 29th.

‘Mar´ is a modern dance show set to live music in which each character creates an engaging atmosphere. Everything changes as you watch a ´Mar´ (literally, sea) that seems to remain the same. It is a barely perceptible change, a silent, serene, steady yet unstoppable progression. When calm, it seems that the sea is unchangeable, that it does not move. However, in its serenity it harbours an imperceptible while at the same time "hypnotic" movement that disrupts an apparent sense of uniformity.

Thanks to an agreement signed with Colombia’s Teatro Mayor, this Basque window offers music, theatre, and dance: Lumi, Amaia Elizaran, Sigma Project and ´Altsasu´, a show performed by La Dramática Errante.

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