Teatro-Cine Torres Vedras: Eva Guerrero

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Teatro-Cine Torres Vedras: Eva Guerrero
  • 09
    Oct 2021
    Torres Vedras

The contemporary dance show ´Gorpuztu´ by the Eva Guerrero dance company will take place next Saturday October 9th from 9.30pm to 10.30pm in Torres Vedras, Portugal.

This dance piece won two awards at the last edition of the 2020 Max Awards: .one for best new author, and the other for best female dancer. This contemporary dance show features live music and tells the story of a search for balance.

This work by Bilbao creative artist Eva Guerrero is the result of research into the use of the body at certain times in different religions and philosophies. Dividing the body into various parts, observing movements at the time of prayer and exploring concepts such as guilt, penitence, transcendence, love, submission... present in different religions.

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