Call: grants for the translation of Basque Literature 2015



The objective of the present Resolution is to establish the procedure for conceding grants for the translation of:

- Written literary works originally published in Basque into other languages.

- Written literary works originally published in Spanish by authors born or resident in the Basque Autonomous Community into other languages (except Basque),


2015.04.08 Call: grants for the translation of Basque Literature  2015



  • Application deadline: 2015/04/08 - 2015/06/08
  • Amount: 39,000€
  • Contact: Kizkitza Galartza |

Financial Resources

The maximum overall amount will rise to thirty nine thousand (39,000) euros.


a) In the case of texts with a basic level of difficulty, 0.011 euros per character, without spaces and counted in the original text.

b) In the case of poetry and texts with a very high level of difficulty, 0.017 euros per character, without spaces and counted in the original text.

Requirements of the Recipients

a) They must be private entities or non profit entities that include publishing in their social aim.

b) They must be enrolled in the Tax on Financial Activities, in the epigraph regarding activity to be undertaken, before the period in which applications are to be made ends.

Period in which to Make Applications

The period will be for the duration of two months, counted from the day following publication in the BOPV-EHAA (Official Gazette of the Basque Country) of the current resolution.


One application per project will be made, and besides the documentation indicated in the annexes, the following should be submitted:

a) The book or text to be translated in computer form (Word format).

b) A translation sample: 25,000 characters, without spaces, in paper and computer form (Word format). In the case of short texts the full translated text must be presented.

c) Translator’s CV and the latest catalogue of the publishing house.

d) Copyright authorisation or certificate to translate and publish the work.

e) Translation contract, signed by both parties.

f) If the original work is in Spanish, author’s residency or birth certificate.

The annexes will be available on the Etxepare Basque Institute´s website, in word format, to complete them digitally.

Criteria for Evaluating the Applications  

a) Literary interest of the original work to be translated: up to 30% of the final mark.

b) Quality of the translation sample: up to 25%.

c) Translator’s professional career: up to 15%.

d) Professional career, catalogue and criteria, plans, projects, etc. for the international sphere of the publishing house that will publish the translation: up to 20%.

e) Characteristics of the publication proposed in the contract: print run, size, format and similar features: up to 5%.

f) Translation from the original language: 5%


75% in the maximum period of one month, from the moment the decision to award the grant has been published. 

25% in the maximum period of six months, from the moment the activity has been finalised and justified.


a) 3 copies of the published translated work, if it is published, one copy in digital form or access to a digital edition.

b) A bank statement accounting for translator’s payment, in the event of the publishing house being the applicant.

c) A list of all other grants received for the same objective.


* This text is a summary of the resolution published in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country, the resolution legally in force.

2015.04.08 Call: grants for the translation of Basque Literature  2015





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The application deadline will end on June 9.

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