Antwerpen Bilbao: Itzulera guztiak!

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.

  • 04
    Nov 2023
    Nov 2023
    Antwerp / Bilbao

This project promotes artistic exchange between Flanders and the Basque Country. For two weeks, the following LLS Paleis and ANTespacio will take turns as guest and host. Taxio Ardanaz (1978, Pamplona), Justine Grillet (1998, Antwerp), Amaia Molinet (1988, Navarra), Leire Muñoz (1983, Bilbao) and Rik Van Gorp (2000, Turnhout) will create an experimental event in Antwerp and Bilbao on the meaning of each artist´s work. ANTespacio and LLS Paleis are building a space where professionalism meets improvisation. 

  • 03-05.11.2023 
    Artistic exchange - ANTespacio (Bilbao)

  • 10-12.11.2023 
    Artistic exchange - LLS Paleis (Antwerp) 

Taxio Ardanaz  

Taxio Ardanaz (Pamplona, 1978) Ardanaz examines the plastic forms that arise from specific historical conflicts. This investigation is primarily rooted in painting and its installation elements. 

Justine Grillet  

Justine Grillet is a young visual artist and musician who creates ceramic and steel sculptures from which she extracts unique sounds. Grillet uses her steel constructions not only as a structural framework but also as a platform for her electronic equipment. This arrangement transforms them into a sort of backdrop for her performances.  

Amaia Molinet 

Artist Amaia Molinet was born in Lodosa, Navarra (1988) and lives and works in Bilbao and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She holds a Master in Contemporary, Technological and Performative Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country. Her artistic approach evolves from an extended form of photography, focusing on the connection between land and identity. She also emphasizes the symbolic aspects of landscapes in her work. 

Leire Muñoz 

Leire Muñoz (Getxo 1983) holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country. She participated in a workshop given by Lothar Baumgart organized by Fundación Botín and in Oteiza´s seminar ´La crísis de la modernidad´ in Pamplona. Muñoz has been awarded creative scholarships and production grants. 

Rik Van Gorp 

Rik Van Gorp (2000, Turnhout, Belgium) is a young Flemish artist. 

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