Basque. Playlist. #9 - ØDEI

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


ØDEI (Odei Barroso) is a bertsolari and rapper. After recording three albums with 2zio the group disbanded and Ødei embarked on a solo career. His latest album, ‘Terapia´ (2022), is nothing like his previous work. His latest album features a new sound aesthetic, a combination of trap and drill. He has evolved from being just a rapper to taking on the role of producer. He now produces under the label Alkimia Prod in collaboration with Jo Olaskuaga.

The 15 songs on Ødei´s debut solo album are sincere, raw poetry free from excess or empty artifice: memories that shun nostalgia, political and social reflections and vindications, questions without seeking answers, wordplay, tributes, replies... Ødei´s new album both caresses and bites, underpinned by the sombre sounds of drill.

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