Lectureships and language assistantships

Lectureships and language assistantships

We sign agreements of cooperation with universities around the world to provide Basque studies programmes. Through different programmes we also promote teacher training and student literacy in Euskara.

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.

In aiming to raise the international profile of the Basque language and culture and creating encounters with other languages and communities, we promote Basque studies in international universities and institutions of higher education through lectureships and language assistances. As a result of collaboration agreements we have signed with several universities around the world, subjects related to Basque language and culture are included in their course lists. Click here to see the interactive map of the basque language and basque studies.

What is a Basque language lecturer or language assistant?

They are instructors who teach Basque language and culture in universities outside the Basque Country. They also represent our language and culture in the academic sphere, and take on the role of catalyst, organizing cultural and academic activities and promoting spaces for inter-cultural exchange (conferences, seminars, cultural programmes, etc.). The Etxepare Basque Institute subsidises some of these activities through an internal call to lecturers or language assistants.

What´s in it for students?

  • A chance to learn about the Basque language and culture using a dynamic approach with a lecturer or language assistant who guarantees quality instruction integrated into official university curricula.
  • Gain first-hand insight into Basque culture from stakeholders, creators and significant names in Basque culture through campus activities.
  • A chance to visit the Basque Country on a programme to improve language skills and better understand Basque culture.

Language level certification

In collaboration with HABE, the Etxepare Basque Institute organizes exams outside the Basque Autonomous Community to accredit proficiency levels of Euskara for students at international universities.

How to become a Basque language lecturer or language assistant

Basque language and culture lecturers, or language assistants, change over the years. They are selected through a public call procedure. In addition to other information, the call announcement describes their activity specifications, eligibility requirements, merit rating, assessment system, and evaluation committee make-up.

Continuing training

To ensure instruction quality, the Etxepare Basque Institute offers ongoing training for the teaching staff of the universities that offer Basque studies abroad. The Institute also offers specific training for those who wish to become teachers in the future.  

Are you interested in an international work experience teaching Basque language and culture? Take a look at our open calls.

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