Chicago Latino Film Festival: El vasco

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Chicago Latino Film Festival: El vasco
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    Apr 2023
    Apr 2023

The Chicago Latino Film Festivalwill offer the latest film by Basque director Jabi Elortegi, ‘El Vasco´ (Dear Grandma). The 39th edition of the festival will be held from 13 to 23 April in Chicago. Jabi Elortegi´s latest work will be screened for the first time in the USA.

The film will be screened in two sessions at the Landmark ´s Century Centre Cinema:

- Thursday 20 April, 19:45 (GMT +5).

- Saturday 22 April, 15:45 (GMT +5).

Director Jabi Elortegi will be present at the festival on the screening days of his film.

Tickets can be purchased on the festival website.

In ´El vasco´, the main character, Mikel (Joseba Usabiaga), goes to Córdoba, Argentina, to live with a distant relative to escape from Euskadi and all that it means, but he does not expect to find a reminder of the importance of his own roots. Humorous but with touches of tragedy, the film raises issues such as uprooting, emigration and the construction of identity, both collective and individual.

The Chicago Latino Film Festival is the largest Latino film festival in the United States.

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