Festival du Cinéma Espagnol de Nantes 2023: Fenêtre Basque

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Festival du Cinéma Espagnol de Nantes 2023: Fenêtre Basque
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    Mar 2023
    Apr 2023

For over twenty years, the Nantes Spanish Film Festival (Festival Cinéma Espagnol Nantes) has partnered with the Etxepare Basque Institute and the Basque Film Archive (Euskadiko Filmategia) to offer a section dedicated to Basque films called Fenêtre Basque (Basque Window). The line-up for this year’s Fenêtre Basque includes ten feature films, one short and five short films from the 2022 Kimuak catalogue of shorts made in the Basque Country.

Feature films:

Kimuak 2022:

This year’s festival also shines a spotlight on Basque cinema in addition to the Fenêtre Basque section. ‘Suro’ (Mikel Gurrea, 2022) will compete in the Official Selection and ‘Black is Beltza II: Ainhoa’ (Fermin Muguruza, 2021) will be among the films shown outside of competition. ‘A los libros y a las mujeres canto’ by María Elorza will be a candidate for Best Documentary and  ‘Cinco Lobitos’ (Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, 2022) will compete in the ‘Premiers Films’ (new directors) section. ‘Cuerdas’ (Estibalitz Urresola, 2021) will be in the running for Best Short Film.

In addition to the various Basque films mentioned, the festival will also feature the presentation of a book on Basque women filmmakers called ´Euskal emakume zinemagileak´.


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