Flandria-Euskadi: Vertical Visions

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  • 01
    Jul 2024
    Jul 2024
    Leuven| Bilbao

“Vertical Visions” is an international research and collaborative education project between the vertical dance companies La Glo Zirko Dantza and Cirkus in Beweging. During the initial stage, the emphasis will be placed on exchanging technical skills, collaborative work methods, and shared expertise. This will be followed by research laboratories to analyse forms of collaboration among live visual arts, music and dance. Finally, the project will be presented to the public in a show that merges elements of circus performance, music, and illustration. 

  • 09.2023 
    Creative residency 
    CIRKLABO (Leuven) 
  • 10.2023 
    Creative residency 
    Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao) 
  • 06-12.05.2024 
    Creative residency and performance 
  • 2024.07 
    Creative residency and performance 
    Kalealdia (Bilbao) 

La Glo Zirko Dantza 

La Glo Zirko is an aerial and vertical dance company created and directed by Gloria Peón Torre. Torre´s fascination with aerial acrobatics motivated her to share her passion with other. With over ten years of experience as an aerial arts instructor. Recently, she has explored a fresh discipline: vertical dance, which serves as a new platform for fostering creativity. 

Cirkus in Beweging 

Cirkus in Beweging is an open house for circus education. The studio uses circus play as a vehicle to encourage personal, social, physical, and creative growth. In 1993, Cirkus in Beweging opened as the first circus studio in Flanders, offering a handful of weekly circus classes, workshops, and occasional performances. Now with 1,000 members and a wide range of arts, Cirkus in Beweging is one of the leading schools for circus arts in Europe.

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