Sziget Festival: Hika Teatroa + Deabru Beltzak + Ertza

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.

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    Aug 2023
    Aug 2023

Sziget Festival es uno de los festivales de música y cultura más grandes de Europa. Se lleva a cabo cada mes de agosto en el norte de Budapest (Hungría), en la isla de Óbuda. Each year the festival features over 1000 shows. 

This year Sziget will run from 10 to 15 August with a lineup that includes three Basque companies. 

10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 August 

Deabru beltzak: ‘Les tambeurs de feu’ 

In a captivating blend of music, pyrotechnics, and mesmerizing special effects, this production captivates the audience with the primal allure of fireworks with enchanting rhythms. 

Deabru Beltzak was created in 1996 by professional actors from different groups in the Basque Country. Their primary objective was to conceive and craft street theatre spectacles. 

13 & 14 August 

Aug. 13, 4:00pm / Aug. 14, 3:00pm 

Ertza: ‘O Tempo Diz’ 

´O Tempo Diz´ is the outcome of an artistic exchange and creation project that straddles Mozambique and the Basque Country. 

Ertza was founded in 2004 by dancer and choreographer Asier Zabaleta, with the intention of providing a space for unrestricted artistic exploration through the interaction of different disciplines alongside contemporary dance. 

13 & 15 August  

Aug. 13, 4:00pm / Aug. 15, 5:00pm  

Hika Teatroa: ‘Gazte’ 

‘Gazte’ is a production by Hika Teatroa in collaboration with the Oinkari Dantza Taldea dance troupe. In the search for a unique aesthetic and language, ´Gazte´ starts with traditional Basque dance and moves towards other types of dance, accompanied by music, vocals and written words. 

For 33 years, Hika Teatroa has tirelessly pursued artistic exploration and innovation under the leadership of Agurtzane Intxaurraga, a woman who combines visual poetry and stage rebellion. Hika Teatroa´s productions have a profound social essence, consistently challenging the audience to grapple with their own beliefs and perceptions. 

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