3, 2, 1… We´ve reached our goal!

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


Back in December, we unveiled our ambitious plan: to merge our three monolingual channels to a unique and multilingual channel, both on Facebook and Twitter. The countdown began... and tomorrow, we will reach our long-awaited milestone! January 31st marks the day we officially unify our networks.

Our goal is crystal clear: to bring unity, enrichment, and empowerment to our channels. We´re committed to delivering top-notch content, amplifying the value of our language in the digital realm, and fostering a direct connection between our followers and the Basque language.

From now on, you will find us under the same name on Twitter/X, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube: @etxepareinst

At Etxepare we work to promote Basque culture, we research and teach the language itself and we build cultural relationships with different countries. You may be a creator, a producer, an agent, a researcher, a student, a teacher, a journalist or a citizen. No matter if you are a local, national or international citizen. If you are interested in Basque language and culture, this is your place. In Etxepare you will discover attractive content (and you will find really interesting information).

To our newest followers, a heartfelt welcome awaits you! And to those who´ve been with us on this journey, we greatly appreciate your trust! Let´s keep the conversation open!


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