3, 2, 1… We are unifying our social networks!

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


Channels are constantly opening and closing. Unification has been our choice. We will be moving from the three monolingual channels we currently have to a unique and multilingual channel. Both on Facebook and X (Twitter). With a clear vocation: to unify, simplify and enrich our networks with quality content.

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura. (Basque Culture Worldwide). That is our vision. And we want to use our social networks in the same direction. Make them act as windows and showcases, where everybody can learn about the Basque language, culture and contemporary creation. Make them serve as bridges to connect us with other cultures, other territories, other societies. Make them become a reference place and the community to stay up to date on initiatives related to Basque language and culture. Wherever you are. Wherever you are from.

At the Etxepare Basque Institute we work to promote Basque culture and contemporary creation, we research and teach the language itself and we build cultural relationships with different countries. You may be a creator, a producer, an agent, a researcher, a student, a teacher, a journalist or a citizen. No matter if you are a local or international citizen. If you are interested in Basque language and culture, this is your place. In Etxepare you will discover attractive content (and you will find really interesting information).

We currently have three pages on X and as many on Facebook. One for each language: Basque, Spanish and English. In both cases, profiles in Basque predominate. However, we decided to create a page and an account in Spanish and English for international communication uses and to encourage international dialogue. Both goals remain vitally important, we will simply approach them differently. We will commit to convergence, reinforcing the value of our mother language in a multilingual universe. How will we do it? Connecting users directly with Basque. Connecting users directly with Basque language.

The countdown begins. At the end of January, we will eliminate the Spanish and English accounts. Until then, you can move in and start following our Etxepare Euskal Institutua | Basque Institute (profiles that until now have operated only in Basque language). If you don´t want to miss anything, follow us! 3, 2, 1…

X: @etxepareinst
Facebook: www.facebook.com/etxepareinst
Instagram: etxepareinst

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