Artistas en Ruta 2022: Dupla

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Artistas en Ruta 2022: Dupla
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    Feb 2022
    Mar 2022
    Zaragoza / Segovia / Zamora

The dates have been released for the first events in 2022 of the ‘Artistas en Ruta’ (Artists on the Road) project, promoted by AIE. Idoia and Dupla are the Basque artists selected to take part in the initiative. Below are the dates and places where Dupla will be performing in this first series of events for 2022:

12 February, La Ley Seca (Zaragoza)

18 February, Octavo arte (Segovia)

23 March, La Cueva del Jazz (Zamora)

Artistas en Ruta was created to expose the public to new talent. Many of the singer-songwriters and bands popular today have taken part in this initiative, including Olatz Salvador, Zetak, Liher, Xabi Aburruzaga, Anita Parker, Ekiza, La Furia, Nøgen and Kepa Junkera.

Artistas en Ruta is supported by the Etxepare Basque Institute. Candidates for the next series of events can apply by clicking on this link.

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