Basque. Playlist. #1 - Neomak

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


Neomak brings together seven female voices, featuring melodies filled with witchcraft, tambourines, and dance.

Neomak, which means "new moons" in Greek, chose the band’s name for the title of their first album. The band members have spent a lifetime entrenched in trikitia or trikitixa, the Basque diatonic accordion that originated in Italy and is heard in popular Basque festivals and folk tunes, usually accompanied by the tambourine. The women from Neomak previously worked with Kepa Junkera under the name “Sorginak” (Witches), precursor of Basque folk music in Euskara. Junkera was the 2004 winner of the Latin Grammy Award for Best Folk Album for his album ‘K’. They played in different corners of the globe, but also drew from new, more contemporary styles.

In their first album, Neomak fused two styles in a traditional yet original project. By combining organic sounds with new technologies, they bring to the music scene a modern reading of tradition coupled with innovative staging. Freely creating their own sounds, Neomak bathes the traditional trikitixa in electronics, motivating listeners to get up and dance.

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