Basque. Playlist. #8 - Nhil

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


In 2017 the band Nhil began to create their first melodies, and that led them to publish their first work: ´Aztarnak´ (2020), a self-produced EP.

Asel Errasti (drummer), Xabi Zuazabeitia (bass), Beñat Arrieta (guitar) and Sara Alonso (pianist and singer) were the creators of the project. A little bit later the wind section joined the group: Aitor Ruiz de Austri with the trombone and Lia Garai with the saxophone.

In their latest album, ´Bizi bagina bezala´, the lyrics mark the inner conflicts and the constant process of searching for balance in life. Nine songs make up the complete collection: 6 of them in English and 3 in Basque. In this latest album they collaborated with many artists. Among them are Mikel Etxaburu, the writer; Lide Hernando, the singer of the band Liher and Joseba Aparizio, the trumpet player.

Pop, soul and funk styles best define the group´s work. Nhil´s evolution has been outstanding and thanks to their latest work they have performed on very important musical stages. For example, at Los Conciertos de Radio 3, the Hondarribian Jazz festival or BIME.

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