Euskaraldia and International Day of the Basque Language: a host of activities  

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Euskaraldia and International Day of the Basque Language: a host of activities   
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    Nov 2022
    Dec 2022

The Etxepare Basque Institute takes part in Euskaraldia as an arigune and coordinates different activities at lectureship programme partner universities to mark the International Day of the Basque Language.

At the start of this year’s Euskaraldia, running from 18 November to 2 December, participants signed up in the roles of belarriprest or ahobizi, wearing their respective badges to promote the Basque language in their neighbourhoods, villages and arigunes (spaces set aside to speak the language). The Etxepare Basque Institute has also taken an active part in the initiative by creating arigunes, while its own staff took on the role of either ahobizi or belarriprest.

The International Day of the Basque Language will be observed around the world on 3 December with Etxepare’s university lectureship programmes. Thirteen universities have organised activities together with their lecturers, and most of the events will be in person.

In Chicago, Illinois, USA, the Basque lecturer at the University of Chicago will work with his group to create tourist videos of the city in Basque and offer a Basque dance workshop. At Georgetown University in Washington, a panel entitled: “Examining Basque Varieties and Conflicts of Authenticity Among Basque Speakers” will be on the agenda at 2:00pm.

At Montevideo’s Universidad de la República in Uruguay, Aitzpea Leizaola will give a talk on 2 December entitled ´Entre tradición y performance: ejemplos del ciclo festivo en Euskal Herria´ (Between tradition and performance: examples of the festive cycle in the Basque Country).

In Chile, on 3 December, a full programme of talks, games and food will be held at the Euzko Etxea Basque centre in Santiago de Chile.

In Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona conducted a workshop entitled ‘Els petits secrets de l ´euskara´ with Basque poet Beatriz Chivite on 17 November, and on 2 December there will be a mintzodromo Basque language get-together at the Euskal Etxea. On 17 November, Universitat de Barcelona hosted ´Celebrem l´euskara´, a discussion on the contributions of Ibon Sarasola, followed by a film from the Kimuak catalogue.

In Germany, activities will be held in Leipzig and Berlin. Organised by the University of Leipzig, the film ´Bertsolari´ screened on 28 November; a crash course on the Basque language will be held on 2 December, and on 12 January, a session on Euskaraldia entitled ´What is Euskaraldia? Is it possible to change the linguistic behaviour of a diglossic society within eleven days? ´.

At Freie Universität zu Berlin, two other activities mark Euskaraldia and the International Day of the Basque Language. Presentations on Euskaraldia and Mintzalaguna were held on 18 November, and the game Ekolingua was introduced. On 3 December, there will be an Ekolingua contest and a reading of the work of Basque poet Rikardo Arregi.

At the University of Cork in Ireland, on 24 November the ´Euskara Plazara´ stand will be set up on campus to display information about the Basque language and Euskaraldia.

At the University of Poland´s University of Poznan, several activities are on the calendar between 29 November and 3 December. Among others, a ‘presentation’ of the goddess Mari, a screening of the film ´Dantza´, an interview with anthropologist Katarzyna Mirgos, a dance class with Oier Araolaza, an exhibition on Basque culture, and a reading of the poem ´Malgua da gaua´ by Harkaitz Cano in three languages (Basque, Spanish and English).

The University of Helsinki organised a workshop on poetry, diaspora and languages led by Beatriz Chivite on 23 November at the university.

In Italy, the Universities of Venice and Bologna will host meetings with Karmele Jaio on the book ´Aitaren etxea´. They will be held on 5 December in Bologna and 6 December in Venice.

In addition, all the Basque lectureship programmes will be holding contests on Instagram to celebrate Euskaraldia and the Day of the Basque Language. Students will compete for the best video describing a place.

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