Unai Elorriaga will participate in the FIL Guadalajara fair with the support of Etxepare Euskal Institutua

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The writer Unai Elorriaga will participate in the Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajada (Mexico) with the help of Etxepare Euskal Institutua. FIL Guadalajara is one of the most important events of the sector and for the Ibero-American literature, as it brings together every year hundreds of authors and thousands of professionals and readers. The Basque writer will participate in many events of the official programme of the festival.

The fair will be celebrated from tomorrow, 25 November, to the 3 of December in Mexico, and Elorriaga will participate in three events. Next Thursday, 30th of November, he will attend to the meeting that they have organized for students in the programme ‘FIL JOVEN: Ecos de la FIL’. On the other hand, 1st of December, he will participate in the round table ‘Humor negro y tragicomedia en la literatura’ together with Matías Moscardi (Argentina), Carla Zúñiga (Chile), Juan Pablo Villalobos (Mexico) and Nina Lykke (Norway). There they will share different points of view about humour in literature and they will explain how to apply humour in their works. The following day, 2nd of December, Elorriaga will talk with the Mexican writer Alberto Chimal, taking as a starting point the translation into Spanish of his novel ‘Iturria’ (Susa, 2019), ‘Nosotros no ahorcamos a nadie’ (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2023). Both authors transit between the story and the novel, they share love for the short genre and their works form an extraordinary sample of imagination and an invitation to appreciate the art of narration. It can be in short stories or in long novels.

Furthermore, Elorriaga will participate in a conversation in the Euskal Etxea from Mexico DF, together with the lectureship students of UNAM and members of the Euskal Etxea.

Apart from that, Karmele Jaio will return to the Mexican festival in order to participate in several events. For instance, she will take part in the meeting of European poetry together with other European writers and she will be in the round table ’Europa en la literatura: narrando el continente’ with José Luis Peixoto, Nora Ikstena and Svetlana Cârstean.

Euskal Irudigileen Elkartea in FIL

FIL Guadalajara will count this year with a wide Basque representation. Apart from Elorriaga and Jaio, some members of the Association of Professional Illustrator from Euskadi will also be there. The association has been supported by Etxepare Euskal Institutua and they will participate in different events. Ruth Juan, Irantzu Piquero, Janire Orduna, Raisa Alava and Elisabeth Pérez Fernández, among others, will be there. Apart from offering different conferences, they will compose the exposition that will reflect 20 years of life of the Association of Professional Illustrator from Euskadi. They will use the works of 173 associates under the title "Exposición del 20 aniversario y cómic en Euskal Herria". You can consult the participation of the illustrators´ association at this link.

FIL Guadalajara will also accept the Basque.Books stand. This initiative of Etxepare Euskal Institutua, in collaboration with the main actors of the Basque literary ecosystem, is the strategy and platform for promoting the internationalisation and projection of literary creation from the Basque Country in markets, festivals and professionals from the Basque literary sector to participate in international markets, while promoting the thanslation and interlational distribution of Basque literature.

FIL Guadalajara: The great Ibero-American literary event

FIL Guadalajara will take place from 25th of November to 3rd of December. It is one of the most important literary events in the world and the big event of the year for professionals in the Ibero-American book sector. This 37th edition will be attended by 600 authors from 45 different countries, as well as leading figures from the world of books, academia, culture, thought and science. For nine days, the programme will offer a wide range of activities related to books, reading, science, art, culture and thought.

The general programme will include more than three thousand activities: literary, academic, popular science, artistic, professional, children´s and youth activities. The literary programme of the 37th edition of the FIL foresees the participation of 650 writers from 45 countries and 33 different languages in programmes that come from different regions, trends and genres, among them great figures of contemporary literature.

Guests from the field of contemporary literature will include Elia Barceló, Elísabet Benavent, Piedad Bonnet, María Dueñas, Morgana Kretzmann, Andrés Neuman, Pascal Quignard, Julia Quinn, Élmer Mendoza, Sergio Ramírez, Angelo Tijssens, Margarita García Robayo, Antonio Muñoz Molina, Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Tatiana Țîbuleac, Jorge F. Hernández, Elvira Lindo and María José Ferrada.

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