Fira Trovam: Verde Prato + Merina Gris + Chill Mafia

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.

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    Nov 2022
    Nov 2022

Fira Trovam is a music event hosted every year in Castellón (Valencia, Spain), bringing together numerous industry professionals. Live performances, debates, conferences and an impressive turnout of programmers, musicians, promoters, managers and other music industry players make this event one of the key elements in social, cultural, tourism and economic development.

Basque musicians Chill Mafia, Verde Prato and Merina Gris are among the fifty or artists performing at the event.

4 November

Merina Gris
Sala Simfònica, Auditori de Castelló / 10pm

This group of three young musicians from San Sebastian is known for the anonymity of the individuals in the band, in keeping with the philosophy of putting the ‘what’ before the ‘who’. Merina Gris also stands out for their carefully crafted and coherent aesthetics, put together by artists and collaborators who are part of the trio´s social environment, especially in the field of audio-visuals. Musically, the band defines their style as ‘violent pop’, where the melodic and the aggressive coexist. Merina Gris will be presenting their first album, ´Zerua Orain´ (Heaven Now).

4 November

Verde Prato
Sala de Cambra, Auditori de Castelló / 10:30pm

Ana Arsuaga, the driving force behind Verde Prato, represents a new generation of young artists who are reclaiming Basque tradition and projecting it into the future. Her repertoire includes popular and religious songs in Basque with the help of an electronic accompaniment. Following their debut album, ‘Kondaira eder hura’ (Aquella bella historia; released by Plan B Rec, 2021), in 2022 Verde Prato presents ‘Jaikiera’ (Despertar; Hegoa Diskak) in 7" limited edition. The two tracks on the album revolve around the idea of awakening through intimate descriptions. In their compositions, Verde Prato celebrates the voice of traditional song from many cultures.

4 November

Chill Mafia
Magic Box, Auditori de Castelló / 11pm

This group from Pamplona brings together a range of styles from 80s punk to reggae, dub, reggaeton, hip hop and traditional Basque song. The mixture of urban and rural influences has led some to refer to their rhythms as "rural-trap".

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