Frank Bidart Chair: Olatz Gorrotxategi

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Frank Bidart Chair: Olatz Gorrotxategi
  • 12
    May 2023
    May 2023

As part of the cultural program organised by the Frank Bidart Chair, Olatz Gorrotxategi, guest lecturer for the 2023academic year, will conduct several activities centered around her work.

Gorrotxategi will spend a month at the California State University Bakersfield (CSUB) Institute for Basque Studies she will develop ´Urrun/Lejos/Far´, a project based on research and creation around migration and theatre. The creator proposes a documentary theatre about the Basque diaspora, creating an hour-long bilingual play that could be staged both in the United States and the Basque Country.

  • On 12 May Gorrotxategi will talk about Documentary Theater at the California State University Bakersfield Faculty of Performing Arts.
  • 19- 21 May, she will be at the Los Baños Basque Festival conducting the interview phase of his research.
  • On 26 May she will take part in the symposium at the Bakersfield Basque Festival, describing her creative process and offer a selection of her work.

The Etxepare Basque Institute and the California State University Bakersfield established the Frank Bidart Chair in 2022 with the purpose of promoting research projects related to culture and art, as well as encouraging the development of creative projects. Olatz Gorrotxategi is the first to be selected for this programme. The fellowship is aimed at developing both research and creative projects at the CSUB Institute of Basque Studies.


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