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Artitsas en Ruta: Kulto Kultibo
  • 18
    Mar 2023

Airu, Neomak and Kulto Kultibo have been chosen to take part in the first round in 2023 of the concert series ´Artistas en Ruta´ (Artists on the Road), organised by AIE.

Kulto Kultibo will perform in Huesca on 18th March at Sala Edén.

‘Artistas en Ruta’ was created to introduce audiences to new talent. So far, well-known groups and solo artists have taken part in the programme, including Anita Parker, Ekiza, La Furia, Nøgen, Kepa Junkera, Dupla, and Idoia. The concert series is supported by the Etxepare Basque Institute.

Kulto Kultibo is a Basque rap/reggae group founded in 2010 by Peca, Samu, Seta and Aimar. The band has released five albums: ‘7 días’ (2010), ‘Ahora o nunca’ (2013), ‘La Maceta’ (2016), ‘La Esencia’ (2018) and ‘X’ (2020). All works are self-produced. Within Spain they have worked with other groups including Green Valley, Garolo, Calero, LDN, Dirty Porko, Killah Man and Rastachai, among others. Internationally, they’ve joined forces with Papa Style (French reggae vocalist) and Atili (French DJ and producer).

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