Suns Europe - Ziztada & Rlantz

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  • 28
    Jul 2023

The Suns Europe festival will be held in Udine, Italy, and other places in the Friuli region, from 13 to 28 October 2023, with support from the Etxepare Basque Institute. Suns Europe is a music and performing arts festival focusing on minority languages. The event is a chance for all European communities to become aware of their linguistic rights and the importance of cultural diversity as a heritage, a right and an opportunity. 
The first concerts in the lineup will take place in the summer from the end of June to the end of September in different venues around Friuli. Among them, will be the Basque group Ziztada & Rlantz the 28th July (Friday) in Romans dal Lusinç / Romans d´Isonzo. 

The group is made up of singer Ziztada (Irune Elgezabal, Bilbao) and producer and dub maker Rlantz. (Erlantz Serrano, Amurrio). The project began with the desire to enter the world of the sound system. They create their own music based on alternative and protest lyrics. 

The word “suns” means “sounds” in the Friulian language. Suns Europe started in 2009 as an encounter among minority communities in the Mediterranean Alps, but since 2015 has developed into a place of encounter and exchange between artists of minoritized language groups in Europe active in performing arts, cinema and literature. The music section showcases the most original and innovative musical productions. 

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