5th Weiden Translation Workshop: Eva Pérez-Pons

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5th Weiden Translation Workshop: Eva Pérez-Pons
  • 22
    Oct 2021
    Oct 2021

From 22 to 24 October, Eva PérezPons will take part in the 5th Weiden Translation Workshop. This is an event organised by the IALT department of the University of Leipzig, the Institut Ramon Llull and the Etxepare Institute, which will also be attended by the Galician poet Lucía Aldao and the Catalan author Pol Guasch.

Eva is a Basque poet born in Lemoa in 1996. She has a degree in Industrial Electronics and Automatic Engineering from the University of the Basque Country and is currently studying for a Master´s degree in Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Deusto. Eva is a dyke and is active in the LGTB movement and the anti-militarist movement. She has collaborated with the digital magazine Klitto! and in 2020 she presented her first collection of poems: Zaharkitze programatua (2020, Erein), which won her the prize in the 12th edition of the Blas de Otero poetry competition. 

In the words of the author, Zaharkitze programatua is an an attempt at honesty and for Weiden Eva will bring precisely some verses from her first litterary work and with them also the elements that are present throughout the book: the body and its vulnerability, the side effects of wanting to go against the schemes of the hetero-productive system, the forms and behaviours that the body takes in extreme situations, the eroticism between bodies and with the body itself, the relationship with silence and solitude in order to be able to understand oneself.

The Weiden Translation Workshop was founded in 2017 with the intention of establishing a meeting point and a place to translate and disseminate the works of poets from Galician, Catalan and Basque literature.

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