Basque Window at the Le Rocher de Palmer hall in Bordeaux

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


Every year in autumn the Le Rocher de Palmer cultural centre in Bordeaux opens its doors to Basque art and culture. This year an exhibition of the work of Navarrese photographers Juantxo Puerta and Ignacio Rubio was on show on November 5. And on the same day, there were two concerts by the Iñaki Salvador sextet and the folk group Mielotxin.

Puerta and Rubio wanted to bring together music and merry making in the photography exhibition titled "San Fermín and Rockanroll". The series of 30 pieces also includes photographs having to do with sport. Juantxo Puerta has collaborated in rock concerts, festivals in the Pamplona area and cultural activities in Navarra under the name of Juantxofotorock. Ignacio Rubio, Puerta´s student, also works for several magazines, as well as being a photographer for the clothing brand Kukuxumusu. "San Fermín and Rockanroll" opened on November 5 and will be on show until November 27.

Basque music was also on show on November 5 at the Rocher de Palmer Salón de Musiques. the folk group from Navarra, Mielotxin, and the six-member band led by Donostia-born Iñaki Salvador shared the stage in a concert that began at 8:30 pm. Each of them performed their latest work, in which they pay homage to two important figures in the world of music. Mielotxin paid tribute to the well-known American ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax from their CD Alan Lomax in Memoriam. The Iñaki Salvador, sextet performed music from Lilurak ez: Mikel Laboarekin solasean, a reinterpretation of the best-known Mikel Laboa songs with a touch of jazz.

These cultural activities are part of the project developed by the Etxepare Basque Institute in conjunction with Euskal Kultur Erakundea and the Príncipe de Viana Institute of Navarra. The project aims promote relationships and cooperation between creative talent and cultural stakeholders from Aquitaine, Euskadi and Navarra.

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