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    Aug 2023
    Sep 2023
    Helsinki / Tampere

The Basking Beat and Bite Festival is back in Finland with concerts by HUNTZA, ETS and Mikel Urdangarin. The festival runs from August 31st to September 2nd. It will be hosted in two cities: Tampere and Helsinki, in addition to the concerts, this year  there will be breakfast workshops with the music and cultural sector of each city. 

Basking Beat & Bite is the first basque music festival in Finland and this year marks its third edition. Both territories have a lot in common in terms of culture: a distinctive language, history, and are different from their surrounding neighbours. The project started with two people with the same interest, passion for Basque gastronomy and culture. Basking brings with this festival the Basque music and food to Finland. It is a stage where they bring the ‘beat’ of the most popular bands and a ‘bite’ of the Basque gastronomy to another country. In 2021 the basque groups Gatibu, Olatz Salvador and Zetak went to Finland. And the last year Izaro, Bulego and Skakeitan, combining different musical styles. 

Basking Beat and Bite will kick off on 31 August, with events following the same format in Tampere and Helsinki. Each city will host a two-day programme. The first day will feature a reception at the Tampere City Hall and official presentation of the festival, and on the second day the concerts will take place. These live performances will take place on 31 August in Tampere´s Tavara Asema hall and on 1 September in Helsinki´s Lepakkomies hall. There will also be Open Mic in Brasa Terrace Bar. 

Promoted by the Etxepare Basque Institute, Basking Euskal Etxea and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia,  Basking Beat and Bite is promoted by the Regional Council of Bizkaia and Musika Bulegoa to further the international presence of Basque creators and artists. 

Mikel Urdangarin 

Thursday, August 31 / 19.00 - Tavara Asema 
Saturday, September 2 / 20. 30 - Lepakkomies 

Mikel Urdangarin (Amorebieta, 1971) is a singer-songwriter who writes all his songs in Basque. He has been a musician for 25 years and has made 11 albums. He has achieved great popularity on the Basque music scene. He maintains a close professional and friendly relationship with the writer Kirmen Uribe, who has participated in the lyrics of several songs. 


Thursday, August 31 / 20.15 - Tavara Asema 
Saturday, September 2 / 21.30 - Lepakkomies 

Huntza is a music band that was created in 2014 in the streets of Bilbo. It is formed by five youngsters who met at university atmosphere. The band first appeared on 8th March 2016 when they released the song “Harro gaude”.  This was just the beginning of all the concerts and performances that would come afterwards. 


Thursday, August 31 / 21.30 - Tavara Asema 
Saturday, September 2 / 22.30 - Lepakkomies 

ETS is one of the most listened to groups in Basque. The group was formed in Yécora (Rioja Alavesa) in 2005 by three of the five members who today form the group, Iñigo, Floren and Campi. The trio began covering punk-rock songs. A few months later, they also began to compose their own songs. The group is currently presenting their latest album.  

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