Basque animation travels to Mexico

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The ANIMASIVO animation film festival, held in Mexico City, will host a Basque window this year. The event, which will last from November 27 to December 1, will invite Basque animator Begoña Vicario and musician and filmmaker Fermin Muguruza, among others.

The ANIMASIVO animation film festival, held in Mexico City, will host a Basque window this year. The event, which will last from November 27 to December 1, will invite Basque animator Begoña Vicario and musician and filmmaker Fermin Muguruza, among others.

The ANIMASIVO festival will celebrate its 12th edition this year. Since it first opened its doors in 2008, it has become one of the most important meetings of the animation film industry in Latin America. One of its goals is to give visibility to independent animation works, especially showing the work of the youngest creators. In addition to consolidating itself as a space for exhibition and promotion of the genre, in recent years it has become a festival that encourages training, research, production and collaboration among authors.

This year, as a special initiative, a Basque window will be organised for the first time in ANIMASIVO. This programme will feature, on the one hand, animation artist Begoña Vicario. Vicario will give a three-day film workshop called "Animación de arquitecturas" (Animation of architectures) from November 27 to 29, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Centro Galera. In addition, throughout the festival, the Basque filmmaker will be on the jury of the international animation short film competition.

Vicario will not be the only Basque artist invited to this edition of the festival. Fermin Muguruza will take his most recent work, Black is Beltza, for the first time to Mexico City. The film will be premiered on November 28 at 8:30 p.m. at the Cineteca Nacional. He will also offer a music concert on November 29 at 20:30 with Akelarre Vudu Band at the Multiforo Cultural Alicia.

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