Basque artists participate in Germany´s Kulturelle Landpartie Festival

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


Kulturelle Landpartie is an interdisciplinary cultural festival held annually in the Wendland region of Lower Saxony, Germany. One of the largest festivals in Germany, Kulturelle Landpartie draws over 50,000 visitors each spring.

This year’s festival calendar features "Another World is Possible", a project in collaboration with the Basque initiative Azken Muga. Five Basque artists will take part in the festival to exchange ideas, carry out a process of creation and share their results with festival participants.

With shared philosophy and values, the initiatives of Azken Muga and Kulturelle Landpartie will be reflected in the project "Eine andere welt ist möglich": respect for the environment, participative management, non-commercial vision of art, interaction between public and artists, and more.

Azken Muga is a collective project aimed at bridging the border between Gipuzkoa and Navarra and bringing new artistic forms to rural environments. Kulturelle Landpartie was born in the 1980s to protest nuclear power. Ecological movements decided to intercede in the territory where a nuclear power plant was about to be built. The inhabitants who stayed there to live created the festival, uniting art and social advocacy.

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