Basque songwriter Ruper Ordorika will offer a concert in Konstanz

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


The Basque singer Ruper Ordorika will give a concert in Konstanz, Germany, tomorrow, September 25, at 7:30 pm. The event is part of “Plurilinguisme en Europe occidentale: La France et l´Espagne”, a 10-day international conference focusing on multilingualism in Europe.

From September 18 to 28, the University of Konstanz will sponsor a series of courses and conferences aimed at discussing current issues surrounding multilingualism and language contact. The event will also focus on the linguistic and cultural consequences of individual and social multilingualism through regional and minority languages, literatures and cultures in France and Spain. This interdisciplinary project is aimed at young researchers in linguistics and literature. Emphasis will be placed on languages such as Basque, Breton, Catalan and Occitan.

In this context, the Basque musician will offer a concert to give congress participants deeper insight into Basque language and music.

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