Bologna Book Fair: Basque. Books.

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Bologna Book Fair: Basque. Books.
  • 21
    Mar 2022
    Mar 2022

The 59th Bologna Children´s Book Fair, running from 21-14 March this year, will feature books by Basque writers and illustrators under the ‘Basque. Books.’ logo. Euskal Irudigileak (the association of Basque illustrators), the Basque Publishers´ Guild, Euskal Editoreen Elkartea (Basque language publishers association) and with the Etxepare Euskal Basque Institute have joined forces to create the catalogue of work by Basque creators. Several Basque writers and illustrators will also be taking part in the fair.

Founded in 1963, the Bologna Children´s Book Fair is held every year in Bologna, Italy. The event is a benchmark in children´s literature, bringing together 1,400 exhibitors and some 30,000 visitors each year. It is a meeting place for all professionals involved in the creation and publication of children´s literature and is dedicated mainly to the trade in copyrights.

Several Basque authors and illustrators will take part in exhibitions, talks and presentations on March 22nd, including Elena Odriozola, Iñigo Astiz, Juan Cruz Igerabide, Elkar Argitaletxea, Maite Mutuberria, Bea Aparicio, Janire Orduna and Itziar Madariaga.

Maite Mutuberria, Sandra Garayoa and Maite Rosend will offer a masterclass, and Mentxu Fernández & Iban Galan, and Asier Iturralde & Elisabeth Pérez will talk about their portfolios.

It is worth noting that an illustration by Elena Odriozola is on the cover of the 2022 Annual Catalogue of illustrators. Odriozola will accompany a solo exhibition of her work at the fair.

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