Cinéma Utopia: ´Zumiriki´ + ´Oreina´

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Cinéma Utopia: ´Zumiriki´ + ´Oreina´
  • 04
    Nov 2021
    Nov 2021

Cinéma Utopia Bordeaux, France, will celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of Basque cinema on October 4th and 6th as part of the programme.

The films ´Zumiriki´ directed by Oskar Alegría and ´Oreina´, by Koldo Almandoz will be screened along with the two filmmakers. Joxean Fernández, director of the Basque Film Archive, will also present the book ´Cine Vasco: tres generaciones de cineastas´ (Basque Cinema: three generations of filmmakers).

  • 4 November / 8:15pm: book presentation ‘Cine Vasco: tres generaciones de cineastas’, with Joxean Fernández, director of the Basque Film Archive. Followed by a screening of ´Oreina´ and meeting with director Koldo Almandoz.
  • 6 November /2:30pm: screening of ´Zumiriki´ and meeting with director Oskar Alegría.

The cross-border cooperation programme was launched in 2016 to promote mobility among cultural actors to disseminate their work between the Basque Country on both sides of the border and Navarra. Thanks to this collaboration, several projects and collaborations have seen the light in recent years revolving around promotion, literature and visual arts.

In 2016, EKE and the Etxepare Basque Institute, joined forces with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Basque Country - Navarre Euroregion to launch the programme. The aim is to raise the profile and facilitate mobility among creators from the French Basque region, Euskadi and Navarra in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, and to promote cross-border cooperation. Thanks to this collaboration, numerous projects in the fields of literature and visual arts have emerged in recent years.

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