City University of New York: Bernardo Atxaga Chair 2022

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City University of New York: Bernardo Atxaga Chair 2022
  • 31
    Oct 2022
    Nov 2022
    New York

Jone Miren Hernández will analyse ‘bertsolaritza’, the Basque art of improvised verse-singing, at the City University of New York through several seminars organised by the Bernardo Atxaga Chair. The seminar ‘Opacidades, ausencias y silencios en el bertsolarismo. (re)Interpretaciones feministas de una práctica cultural extraordinaria´ (Opacities, absences and silences in bertsolaritza: feminist (re)interpretations of an extraordinary cultural practice´, will run from Monday, 31st October until Friday, 4th November, 9.30am to 11.30am.

Hernández will also give a talk open to the public on 4th November at 6pm. ‘¿Quién mató al euskera? Notas para el guion de una serie de intriga feminista´ (Who killed Euskara? Script notes on a series of feminist intrigue´). Her talk will address different interpretations of the role of women in the evolution of the Basque language and the participation of women in cultural expressions such as ‘bertsolaritza’. Join the talk with this link: 

Jone Miren Hernández holds a PhD in anthropology and is a lecturer at the University of the Basque Country. She is the author of several publications and has contributed to projects covering a variety of topics. Her lines of research are mainly related to linguistics and feminist anthropology. In recent years, ´bertsolaritza´ has gained prominence in her academic career. Hernández is currently interested in topics including feminism, gender, emotions, and the body. This is the perspective from which she is develops her approach, both to ‘bertsolaritza’ and to Basque culture in general.

The main purpose of this chair is to promote research and study in the field of Basque language and literature. Bernardo Atxaga himself inaugurated the programme in 2011 at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. The Bernardo Atxaga Chair offers an academic doctoral programme on Basque culture taught annually by distinguished guest lecturers.

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