Eight short films selected for the Kimuak 2021 catalogue

Euskara. Kultura. Mundura.


After reviewing the 47 entries submitted to the 24th edition of the Kimuak programme, these are the eight short films selected for the Kimuak 2021 catalogue: ‘Azaletik azalera’ (Mel Arranz), ‘Berak baleki’ (Aitor Gametxo), ‘Heltzear’ (Mikel Gurrea), ‘Inner Outer Space’ (Laida Lertxundi), ‘Resonancias (Oihartzunak)’ (Iñigo Aranburu), ‘Trumoiak’ (Iker Maguregi´), ‘Ur azpian lore’ (Aitor Oñederra) and ‘Zerua blu’ (Lur Olaizola). The Kimuak programme is organised by the Etxepare Basque Institute and managed by the Basque Film Archve Foundation in partnership with Zineuskadi. Starting today, this selection of Basque short films will be sent to the world’s leading international film festivals and audiovisual initiatives.

This year´s Selection Committee was made up of the following members: Vanesa Fernández,  director of ZINEBI, the Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films; Ainhoa Fernández de Arroyabe, associate professor and reseacher at the  University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU); Víctor Lamadrid, head of the ‘Cantabria en Corto’ short film promotion catalogue, coordinator for the Cantabria Film Commission and Vice-president of the Spain Film Commission; Alfonso López, Technician at Donostia Kultura’s Film Office and member of Bang Bang Zinema; and Ana Esperanza Redondo, member of the Selection Committee and the San Sebastián Film Festival Department of Documentation and Films.

This latest Kimuak catalogue includes fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films. As for language, three of the films are shot entirely in Euskara, two combine Basque with another language (Euskara and English; Euskara, French and English, among others), one is in Spanish, another is in Spanish and Chinese, and one has no dialogue.

Details of the eight selected short films are shown below:

  • ‘Azaletik azalera’, Mel Arranz: experimental animation, no dialogue.
  • ‘Berak baleki’, Aitor Gametxo: fiction in Euskara.
  • ‘Heltzear’, Mikel Gurrea: fiction in Euskara.
  • ‘Inner Outer Space’, Laida Lertxundi: experimental in Euskara and English.
  • ‘Resonancias (Oihartzunak)’, Iñigo Aranburu: fiction in Spanish.
  • ‘Trumoiak’, Iker Maguregi: fiction in Euskara.
  • ‘Ur azpian lore’, Aitor Oñederra: animation in Spanish and Chinese.
  • ‘Zerua blu’, Lur Olaizola: creative documentary in Euskara, French and English.

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