Eneka Fernandez and Raisa Álava to execute their art projects in Wroclaw

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For the sixth year in a row, two Basque artists will carry out a project in the Polish city of Wroclaw as part of the summer Artists in Residence programme AIR Wro. Both of the selected artists this year, Eneka Fernández and Raisa Álava, will carry out projects related to this year’s theme: self-publishing.

For the sixth year in a row, two Basque artists will carry out a project in the Polish city of Wroclaw as part of the summer Artists in Residence programme AIR Wro. Both of the selected artists this year, Eneka Fernández and Raisa Álava, will carry out projects related to this year’s theme: self-publishing.

Cooperation between Wroclaw and the Basque Country started in 2014 while gearing up for the 2016 European Capital of Culture celebrations in Wroclaw and San Sebastián. Since then, Wroclaw has hosted 13 Basque artists as part of the AIR Wro programme, now managed by Culture Zone Wroclaw with support from the Etxepare Basque Institute. In this way, Etxepare helps provide a platform for Basque artists to develop their careers and display their work. The programme also strives to encourage mobility, intercultural dialogue and international collaboration

The title of this year´s AIR Wro art residencies is ‘Self-publishing laboratory’, the central theme of the projects. This practice is increasingly widespread in European cities, and is closely linked to graphic design, alternative narration and the D.I.Y trend. And thanks to the internet, digital democratization has provided an excellent platform for these designers and artists to circulate their work. Self-publishing is now one of the most important instruments for independent culture and social movements.

Eneka Fernández (Pasajes, 1977) will spend six weeks in Wroclaw. The aim of her project will be to create a map of the city’s self-publishing scene and identify all the stakeholders, places and artists involved in self-publishing processes. She’ll put them on a physical and digital map and present it to the public. Fernández will then organize a ‘Self-publishing Clinic’ to bring together people and groups who’ve encountered problems or doubts in their processes and in this way seek solutions by sharing their knowledge. Her goal is for the format to carry on once she has completed her residency, and for these meetings to continue to contribute ideas and solutions, thus contributing to the city’s enrichment.

Raisa Álava (Zuaza, Ayala, 1990), will do a twenty-day ‘study visit’ to the city. Álava has studied Illustration and Comic, and has experience creating illustrated fanzines. Among other things during her visit, she’ll give a two-day workshop, open to anyone aged 14 or older. In it she will teach participants about the creative process of creating a fanzine. Her goal is for all the participants to create a fanzine together and ultimately for each person to make his or her own.

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